U.S. Battery Golf-Car Batteries Provide The Most Useable Run-Time And Reach Rated Capacity Faster

U.S. Battery Manufacturing Deep-Cycle batteries allow golf car owners and fleets significant money-saving advantages.  U.S. Battery Manufacturing’s 6-volt and 12-volt deep-cycle golf car batteries incorporate the company’s exclusive XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology®. This combination of extremely efficient synthetic tetrabasic lead sulfate crystal structures (TTBLS), allow U.S. Battery’s products to reach peak capacity in…


U.S. Battery Deep-Cycle RV Batteries Save Money By Lasting And Performing Longer

U.S. Battery Manufacturing Deep-Cycle RV batteries are designed to withstand the extreme charge and discharge cycles when used in RVs, as well as provide higher initial capacity, performance, and longer service life. With many electronic appliances, stereo systems, and other accessories that maintain a high parasitic load on RV batteries, discharge and charging cycles can…


U.S. Battery Manufacturing Donates $2500 To Carting For A Cause

U.S. Battery Manufacturing donated $2500 to Carting For A Cause on May 26th, at the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center in Yorktown, Virginia, right after the charitable organization completed a 3,900 mile golf cart trip across the country. U.S. Battery Manufacturing executives Don Wallace, Executive VP, Sales and Marketing, and Ron Anderson, Executive VP California,…


Meeting Rated Capacity In Deep-Cycle Batteries With Fewer Charge Cycles

Deep-cycle batteries go through various amounts of charge cycles. A charge cycle starts when the battery is first used, and is then charged back up. That process equals one cycle. In order for a deep-cycle battery to reach it’s full capacity (deliverable power), it has to go through several charge cycles; sometimes as many as…


Italian Battery Distributor D.B.S, Switches To U.S. Battery Products

U.S. Battery meets with D.B.S. Battery of Italy. From left to right, Antonio Diaferio from D.B.S., Paul van der Meer of Wetac Motive Power, Massimo Rivera of Alchemy Italia s.r.l., and Don Wallace from U.S. Battery. Not pictured is Daniele Napoli of FAAL Batterie s.r.l. D.B.S. Battery, one of Italy’s largest battery and battery charger…


Initial Capacity Comparison

How U.S. Battery Achieves The Highest Initial Capacity With No Cycle Loss One of the best ways to compare deep-cycle batteries, is to look at the initial capacity when the battery is new, right out of the box as shipped. Many deep-cycle battery manufacturers use an old school approach and simply use higher specific gravity…