Double Capacity. Voltage Remains the Same.

Three things to keep in mind:

  1. When connecting batteries in series, you increase the voltage and the amp-hour capacity remains the same. (see configuration 1)
  2. When connecting in parallel, the amp-hour capacity increases and the voltage remains the same. (see configuration 7)
  3. To increase both numbers, connect multiple sets in series/parallel. (see configuration 3)

Configuration 7:

Double Capacity
Voltage Remains the Same


Connection of two matched batteries to double the capacity at the same voltage. Used when additional engine cranking or deep cycle capacity is needed at the same voltage, e.g. trucks, buses, and marine engine cranking and trolling motor, RV’s, and small EV and sweeper/scrubber applications.

Examples: 2x6V batteries @200 Ah = 6V battery pack @ 400 Ah or 2x12V batteries @100 Ah = 12V battery pack @200 Ah. (Note: Both examples would provide the same energy content at 2400 Watt-hours.)

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