U.S. Battery’s On-Board Watering System by Battery Watering Technologies (BWT)

A watering system so intelligent, it has solutions to problems you didn’t even know you had!

Battery Watering Technologies:
Watering valves add the correct amount of water every time.

Proper battery maintenance can add years to the life of a battery.

Easy Install

Sense Smart Valve Flyer

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U.S. Battery’s On-Board Watering System by Flow-Rite

Snap on/Snap off water connections and fast filling turn the often ignored task of maintaining electrolyte level into a simple, enjoyable task…one more likely to get done on a regular basis. When you fill your battery with a Pro-Fill watering system, you know that it’s filled to the correct level every time. A properly watered battery lasts longer and performs better. Fill batteries without ever having to remove the vent covers again. Avoid battery acid burns, ruined clothing and noxious fumes.

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BWT Step-by-Step Process

Flow-Rite Step-by-Step Process

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